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Our locally owned and operated family business has been over twenty years in the making. After purchasing our first home, we finally had a place to be able to develop our passion for gardening. Our garden is one that constantly evolves and has seen many different styles of planting over the years. Our love of the enchanted theme came from Sarah's mum who lives in Townsville, North Queensland. Jackie loved the use of fairies in her garden and for me, gave me the first understanding of gardens not just being about low-maintenance planting with as little time spent in them as possible, to be more about the wonderful magic that can occur from selective planting that encourages butterflies and birds to be apart of your garden. The smells of fragrance plants (like Brugmansias) that fill the night air with an intoxicating scent that washes your cares away. The feel of freshly cut grass under your feet and the satisfaction of looking at a beautiful lawn after mowing it. Watching our daughter, nephews and close friend's kids explore the little enchanted worlds, that in their eyes move and change every time the visit. Whether from simply the dog or a lizard knocking over one of the figurines over and you stand them up in a different spot, creates the illusion of them moving. You might not realise it but they do.

These are some of the reasons why we decided to start Enchanted Garden World and hopefully we can bring a little of that magic a share with you.


Owner/Operator - Enchanted Garden World

Geoff Beyer - Enchanted Garden Designer, Hand Crafter of Mushroom garden lights and Timber Sculpture Artist

Bio: My working career has taken me on many different journeys, from landscaping and green keeping jobs on the Gold Coast, working on game fishing charter operations in Far North Queensland to the last 19 years as a Marina Manager in Bundaberg Queensland. I have been a director on the tourism board and Naval agent for the government. The one thing that all of these jobs had in common was attention to detail.

Now it is time to put that skill set into our own business and provide a level of service that will deliver great customer satisfaction.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Geoff Beyer

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